TEO and Symbion offer software development to Symbion companies.

Symbion has entered into a partnership with TEO for the benefit of the many companies we have in Symbion. Corona has shown that more automation and more smart IT solutions are needed than ever before. Many have seen new ways to serve customers and suppliers through increased digitization. But growing its IT development is not an easy task. This collaboration may be able to help you.

Benefits for Symbion companies

Keep your good employees close to customers, growth through TEO’s Extended Team in Pakistan for a long-term collaboration and get advice on more.

We have worked with software development for 15 years, are headquartered in Denmark and our Danish customers are typically with us for 5 years or more.

You also get the following cash benefits:

10% discount on TEO’s prices
20% discount on TEO’s prices if you work with healthcare or sustainability.

At our first meeting, we make a Readiness Assessment together to see if the collaboration makes sense and is a good investment for both you and us. We can not do it all either.

Contact TEO via the e-mail addresses below:

Zahid (CEO):


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