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Salesforce consultation

Based on experience and using best practices TEO’s experts analyze your business processes. And after detailed analysis they come up with proper plan with Salesforce for your business needs.

Salesforce implementation

TEO developers configure and manage Salesforce to make your processes in proper flow. And migrate existing/limited functionality in-house ERP data to Salesforce.

Salesforce customization

TEO developers work with your team and customize everything needed for your business flow like extensive reporting, organization workflows, API integrations and much more.

Salesforce integration

Our developers are best in working with integration and mapping of modules keeping in mind the conflicts occur during the integration. Integrations can be complex but our team is best in it.

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ERP & CRM System for F5

Explore how TEO helps a big network of knowledge-house in education industry to migrate their existing ERP database million records to Salesforce successfully. 

F5 is a network and knowledge house where leaders and specialists across industries and organizations meet in targeted network groups.

Here, the professionalism of our members is strengthened and developed by sharing experiences and knowledge.

Recently, F5 decided to move to one of the best CRM Salesforce and TEO streamlined all the processes and ensured that none of the data is missed.

F5 was using an ERP system for their business needs, That ERP system had limited functionality. F5 decided to use Salesforce. Their main challenge was how to migrate their ERP data into salesforce:

1) Customize Salesforce for their business needs
2) Migrate existing ERP data to salesforce

TEO is providing IT services and support to F5 on all front from application development to infrastructure maintenance. TEO help them to set up a salesforce environment from scratch and customized it according to their needs, also develop an integration middleware to migrate their existing data(around 8 million records) from existing in-house ERP to salesforce.

TEO has also developed extensions that are being used by salespeople to check the status of different opportunities from salesforce.

– Developed ERP & CRM system
– Integrate & Migrate existing data to Salesforce
– Integrate existing ERP to Salesforce
– Defined business flows
– Customization of Salesforce
– Developed extensions for salespeople

– Salesforce
– PHP Core
– Angular Js
– Slim Framework
– Laravel Framework
– WordPress
– Mysql
– .NET
– React Js
– Docker
– Chrome Extensions

Migrate millions of existing records to Salesforce!