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TEO develop customized software on Microsoft, Android and Apple platforms Examples of our work

A desktop application using WPF (.Net), a serial port programming using C#, and a Feed Controller programmed to control all the feeding systems in farms

A Firmware development (uTasker), design and driver development (C#.NET), and mobile app development (both Android & iOS) for control systems.

iOS & Android fitness App. It pulls data from a heart rate monitor called Polar H7 via Bluetooth, synchronizes with the central system, and presents statistics to the end user for improvements on daily workout routines.

TEO developed an iOS app using Objective C,. It gathers all the data from “Shoe Sensors” via Bluetooth 4.0+ LE. By synchronizing sensors data from all their devices to the central system, we provide the runner with statistics to improve their running routine

Embedded software for SPU (Self Post Unit) using C++ and desktop application. The SPU measures and weighs letters and parcels for domestic or foreign destinations, and calculates the postage.

Mobile apps for reading RFID tags for various products, and showing users the tags information and statistics, as well as comparisons for various products.

An iOS app to fetch data from milk sampler devices for analytics on mobile frontend. Eg. adulterants, so that the payment to the milk farmers could be made based on the purity of the milk

We have developed software for Danish companies for more than 10 years

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As a software company we understand, that today’s customers have higher expectations and demands for the technologies we are offering

Our technology is much better than our competitors, but we lost the customer because our competitor had a more fancy mobile APP! This is why we want to find a mobile development partner who can help us with development and maintenance of our mobile apps, as this is not our core competency.

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With TEO you get following benefits:

  • A collaboration partner who fully focuses on your mobile apps with backend development and integration of services
  • Get continuous app upgrades, releases and fixes
  • Access to many different technical skill sets
  • Transparency where you can track and review the SCRUM boards
  • Flexible and competitive price plan to suit your needs

Do you want innovation in your mobile development and backend integration services?

We believe that Robots, IOT and production automation is the future of software development, and look forward to hear more about your projects.

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