TEO Partners in innovere group!


We are happy to announce that TEO has become a partner in a new business alliance called Innovere Group. New technologies are emerging faster than ever, and the complexity of customer’s solutions is growing. We believe that there is a need for a broader range of competencies and services in the future. In order to be an attractive business partner, we think that closer collaboration with other selected companies is a way forward. The objective of the alliance is to enable us to provide more and enhanced  services to our existing and new customers.


Innovere Group


Innovere Group has development centers in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi and sales offices around the world. We cover different technologies, geographies and customer segments. You can read more about the group on www.innovere.group.

It is important to notice that TEO will work as usual. Each partner in Innovere Group is an independent entity and remains as such but enjoys the trust and benefits of being in close collaboration with other partner companies.

The Innovere Group consists of the following partners:

Genetech, www.genetechsolutions.com

Kualitatem, www.kualitatem.com

TEO, www.teo-intl.com

Virtual Force, www.virtualforce.io


About TEO


TEO A/S (Talented Earth Organization) is a Danish software company, which was established in 2007 by founder and CEO Zahid Abdullah. We provide quality solutions for both private and public companies, and our core competencies lie in the development of complex systems and mobile app solutions. Since our startup, we have experienced solid growth and have developed software solutions for 50+ companies, just as we are currently co-owners of 4 companies. Our development benefits are provided by approx. 170 experienced employees, who are in our subsidiary in Islamabad, Pakistan. By having our development staff located in Pakistan, we can offer software solutions of the best Danish quality.