Why choose .NET?

.NET helps you develop high quality applications faster. Modern language constructs like generics, Language Integrated Query (LINQ), and asynchronous programming make developers productive.

Combined with the extensive class libraries, common APIs, multi-language support, and the powerful tooling provided by the Visual Studio family, It is the most productive platform for developers.

Build top tier applications and improve the funcitonality of existing apps with our dotnet developers at teo international
Build top tier applications and improve the funcitonality of existing apps with our .NET developers at TEO International
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.NET follows types of systems to maintain data integrity across the code written in different compliant programming languages. CTS ensures that objects of the programs that are written in different programming languages can communicate with each other to share data.

It also provides multi-language support by managing the compilers that are used to convert the source to intermediate language (IL) and from IL to native code, and it enforces program safety and security.

The CLR manages system security through user and code identity coupled with permission checks. The identity of the code can be known and permission for the use of resources granted accordingly. This type of security is a major feature of of this framework. This framework also provides support for role-based security using windows NT accounts and groups.

This framework’s environment is portable. When the source code of a program written in a CLR compliant language complies, it generates a machine-independent and intermediate code. This was originally called the Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) and has now been renamed as the common Intermediate Language (CIL). CIL is the key to portability.

Benefits of .NET

Using this framework over others has a number of advantages, such as:

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tick svg Security
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tick svg Easy and Rich Debugging Support
tick svg Simplified development
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tick svg Portability
tick svg Common Type System
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Applications of .NET

.NET has a Wide-range of Applications: Various types of applications can be developed and run, such as mobile, desktop, web, cloud, IoT, machine learning, micro-services, game, etc.

While each industry requires custom software tools to perform different functions, they all need a streamlined operation, reliability, and a high level of security.

This framework keeps a regular check from time to time to notice any kind of issues like leakage of memory, infinite loops, etc. It also helps in destroying these issues atomically and restarts it.

Features of .NET


This framework has a multi-tiered software architecture. It helps in separating the functions for presentation, processing of application and data management. It is being used for developing flexible applications.

Managed Code

This framework helps in accessing the application as well as to control the application and makes it more simple for responding to recurring events. In this framework , the caching system helps the system to be more robust and easy to use.


It provides great performance for each application that is being developed. It helps in saving the time and effort by a whole lot. Which helps in increasing the efficiency of deployments and testing.

Monitoring and rich features

There are many features that are being used to develop the applications, which are being provided by this framework only. An example is a toolbox, which helps you to drag and drop and use that element for your application.


It provides great scalability for developing small and large applications. It has been found to be a great platform for redesigning small applications in order to make it with the growing needs of an organization.

.NET applications with Azure cloud

Applications with cloud enabled services perform wonders! It has never been more easier and convenient to migrate existing systems from other services, onto the Azure cloud and build your applications.

Explore how TEO helps a system to transform all the Business processes

DCR Client solutions is revolutionizing the Business Process Management market by helping companies in heavily regulated industries digitize their processes, ensuring higher compliance and transparency while saving employees’ time and company costs. They boost the value of your existing IT system by adapting to your business needs.

Their no-code business process management platform is a new approach to process digitization and process mining that enables you to create more efficient and more compliant processes.

– Client was peeking to develop a design portal along with its related services, where a proper system should give to the user for managing their business in the best automation mode.

– It needs to be a collaboration hub for users, where they can create, share, simulate and test their processes by using a single platform to execute a smooth coordination system all over the organization.
TEO extended team contributed in a research paper for the client in BPM 2015. Besides that, the team also contributed in several projects for the customer to support their solutions.

We developed the DCR Design Portal along with its related services, where all the processes takes place. It is a collaboration hub for users, where they can create, share, simulate and test their processes.
– DCR Portal
– DCR Form Server
– DCR Highlighter
– DCR Convertor
– DCR Repository
– OCM (Open Case Manager)
– DCR External API
– DCR Public Simulator
– DCR Admin Dashboard

Front End: HTML, CSS, React.js, Kendo.js, Raphael.js, SVG

Back End: C#, ASP .NET, MVC, Javascript, jQuery, Node.js,

Databases and Deployment: Windows Services, SQL

A reliable process management system in the market

Process Management System in .NET
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