TEO developed iOS and Android apps for MOOVE, a taxi company based in Copenhagen. We developed a backend service in Microsoft .Net, and integrated third-party travel planning service from Rejseplanen.dk. The app was built with meticulous attention to detail along with custom animations and smooth UI transitions, to deliver a sleek user experience.

Technologies: Microsoft .Net, iOS, Android

TEO developed the unique learning platform WriteReader for children, which features a specially designed keyboard that incorporates the sounds of the letters in the alphabet. The app is developed for iPad and iOS and is used by more than 200 schools. The app is also endorsed by the Intel Education Accelerator Program in the USA.

Technologies: iOS, Swift, iPad

TEO developed a mobile running app for GaitEye. The app features GaitEye’s foot pod hardware interface to display and analyze the key parameters for optimal running performance for the users and avoiding injury.

Our extended team of iOS developers used the latest technologies to design this mobile running app for GaitEye.

Technologies: iOS, Swift

TEO developed the Naturens Rige app for Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality. Using the Umbraco CMS the app features content that can be used on-line and off-line. It is an indispensable tool when you want to find locations such as the best playground, shelter, or nearest surf spot in Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality.

Technologies: Microsoft .Net, Umbraco CMS, iOS, Android

TEO built this award-winning app in 2013 for Small Copenhagen. Oscar & Olivia is a fully animated picture story with wonderful music, wonderful drawings, and animations through an exciting adventure into outer space where dangerous space pirates await. The app is a brand new way to tell stories for children and childlike souls.

Technologies: iOS, Android

TEO developed a sales app for Hørkram’s sales team allowing them to see customer’s status on a subject without contacting the office, and also get a visual total overview on the map of customers, leads, and prospects in an area.

Technology: iOS, Swift

TEO designed and developed a parking app for Plot, which aims to provide more and better parking spaces which in turn means less traffic, less pollution, and fewer frustrations. Our goal was to develop the app for both Android and iOS, and we wrote the back-end in Microsoft .Net. The app makes it easier for people to park their cars, and to report cars that are parked incorrectly.

Technology: Microsoft .Net, iOS, Android

TEO developed an iOS app for EDC. The app provides real estate agents in-depth data for all properties listed with EDC, along with their history, images, tabular and graphical data. This is a step towards a paperless environment, and information automation for them, as they are given relevant information such as images, documents, sellers info, buyers info, event planning, follow-ups, sales preparation, sales presentation, price, and much more. EDC Mobil Broker App provides ease of use to the EDC Brokers. 

Technology: iOS, iPad, and Swift

TEO developed an iOS app for FOSS aimed at providing an interface between FOSS hardware for the analysis of dairy-based products. The app features filtering the samples by their ingredients and in-depth analysis of nutritional data displayed as tables and graphs. The app was developed for iOS platform, integrated with back-end services from FOSS.

Technologies: iOS, Swift

TEO developed a mobile app for TAXA 4×35 in Copenhagen.  We provided TAXA with a website, a CMS, an app for both iOS and Android as well as an integrated location and payment solutions.

Technologies: Microsoft .Net, iOS, Android, Umbraco

TEO developed an advertisement management system for dba.dk. The system facilitates advertisers to track and manage their budgets for campaigns on the network.

Technologies: ASP.Net, MVC, C#, Raven db & SQL Server.

A Firmware development (uTasker), design and driver development (C#.NET), and mobile app development (both Android & iOS) for control systems.

Technologies: C#, .NET

A desktop application using WPF (.Net), a serial port programming using C#, and a Feed Controller programmed to control all the feeding systems in farms.

Technologies: C#, .NET

It pulls data from a heart rate monitor called Polar H7 via Bluetooth, synchronizes with the central system, and presents statistics to the end-user for improvements on daily workout routines.

Technologies: Android & iOS