Tolk Translator

Developing a professional translator hiring system that links two parties of different linguistics and cultures to communicate smoothly

TEO extended team is developing new modules and revamping the existing functionality for the client by implementing an efficient interpreter. This system makes it possible for two parties to communicate properly by booking an interpreter, getting an appointment, have the ability to apply for an interpreter’s job. We at TEO implemented a well-defined payment method that reduces the money transfer risk for a smooth and reliable deal. Likewise, we completely revamped the application in an MVC model. 


The Client company is Denmark’s largest translation and interpreting agency, with over 5,000 interpreters and translators. The client is always looking for committed, reliable, and linguistically competent interpreters. Tolk provides an interface to express yourself in a fluent spoken language and mediate communication between the parties. There are six types of interpreters, attendance interpreter, video interpreter, telephone interpreter, written interpreter, sign language interpreter, and write interpreter. It is an ideal form of interpretation for complicated discussions, meetings, and negotiations. With consecutive interpretation, the participants reflect on the conversation while it is taking place. It works well in relation to small groups when only one language needs to be interpreted. No equipment or technical personnel shall be used.

Challenges and goals

Currently, their product is in running condition in production and lots of traffic is coming to them. Keeping the traffic problem in mind, the client decided in the first step, to migrate all the data and once the development team gets an understanding of the existing product then update/revamp the software. The major requirement of the project was to make the system scalable. 

"Our goal was to develop the app and web for both Android and iOS, and wrote the back-end in ASP.NET MVC in a tight timeframe with an extended team of developers."

Provided Features

Book a specific interpreter according to your needs
Availability of over 5000 interpreters and translators
Booking appointment
Free price estimation on all kinds of tasks
Apply for an interpreter job
Interpretation (attendance, video, telephone, written, sign language, write)



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