E-commerce web/Mobile solution

Converting a manual system of warung/shop into an Online E-commerce automation system

TEO is working on both front-end and back-end, including data sciences implementations to meet the requirement of customers. TEO development team is enhancing the performance and flow of the existing process of on boarding the retailer by reducing the time delays. TEO is optimizing the system by implementing Google Cloud CI/CD and Cloud Storage and refactoring the mobile app from the ground up.
Designing teams are enhancing the UI/UX of the Mobile App and Web Portal. Testing teams rigorously tested the App and Web portal using multiple strategies to ensure Quality and Stability.

Ecommerce Web Solution in Golang


Traditional stalls are the heart of the Indonesian economy. Over 70% of the country’s population regularly shop at traditional warungs/stalls and most of them are not digital shoppers. 3 million traditional warungs contribute to, almost 80% of the Indonesian retail market, but 83% or around 2.5 million of these stalls are categorized as underserved. Because of the location of said hard-to-reach warungs, they must operate in a conventional way, which hinders their growth. GOTOKO exists as a platform for shop owners, which makes it easier for them to buy the goods they need. Supported by close collaboration with brands and the solid infrastructure of Gojek’s logistics services, shop owners can access a wide variety of products at competitive prices, view livestock information, and experience a reliable and robust delivery process. Brands can also contribute to the prosperity of a stall’s business growth and expand further all-around Indonesia using the GOTOKO platform.

Challenges and goals

A Front-End & Back-End team with relevant skills was urgently required to enhance the existing Gotoko system. A data science team was required to automate the retailer onboarding process, streamline the existing data pipelines and flow, and reduce the time delays in the retailer requests that previously took about two weeks or more. A mobile development team was required to optimize the existing mobile system such as banner details, product services, and numerous UI/UX changes. As the project was very vast, so, a Professional Designing and a testing team were also required to meet the client’s needs.

"Our goal was to enhance both web/app performance, add more functionality and improve quality of an existing Online E-commerce Platform for Warung/Store Owners in an efficient way."

Provided Features

 Category’s view
 Product collection
 Place and order selected item
 View transaction list
 Buy the product
 History and status of the order
 Tracking order
 Events reminders
 Customers analytics


Kotlin, React (Next.js for dashboard), Redux, MUI
Golang (with GRPC), Backend Javascript (Google Cloud functions) – Python
Database and Deployment tools
Kubernetes, Google cloud services for CI/CD, Google cloud storage, MongoDB, Google BigQuery

Graphics Design tools
Illustrator, Figma (UI/UX)

Data Engineering

Data Ingestion

Flat files, SAP, MySQL, MongoDB

ETL using Google Cloud functions and storage.(Javascript and Python)

Google BigQuery as Data Lake/ Data warehouse

Quality Assurance
Postman and Insomnia for API testing, K6 for load testing APIs, Mongo DB for data testing and verification

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