Cloud communication product

Migrating infrastructure of Cloud-Based communication product and update/revamp the software

TEO extended team decommissioned on-prem servers and migrated all the data to the Cloud from data centers with a new solution. The team is also fully engaged in developing new services for the client businesses and their sub clients including MS Teams API. The transformation, development, testing, deployment, and technical documentation are also in process.


The client is a Software Telecom company. They have developed a cloud communication product and are known as a B2B company. They deliver best-of-breed cloud telephony solutions to B2B clients. Its mission is to help businesses and people communicate with the cloud, and share thoughts, ideas, and information. They are mainly operating in Denmark, UK, and Germany. Their client companies are reselling their products under their own name.

Challenges and goals

Their product is in running condition in the production and lots of traffic is coming to them. Keeping the traffic problem in mind, the client decided in the first step, to migrate all the data and once the development team gets all the understanding of the existing product then update/revamp the software. Scale the software very fast because of the load on the system.

"Our goal was to enhance the performance and quality of an existing cloud-based software product by migrating all the data in an efficient way and document everything."

Provided Features

  • Microsoft Teams App Development
  • Database Migration
  • Single Tenant to Multi-Tenant
  • CI/CD Automation
  • Central Login Portal
  • Software Revamp
  • Technical Documentation


  • JAVA 8 and Java 11
  • Play Framework for design, Sbt Built component
  • Google Juice (dependency injection)
  • Jackson library (JSON Handling), JPA (Hibernate)
  • Freeswitch for multimedia services
  • Opensips act as a load balancer
  • Postgres Database, Cache on Redis

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