Business process management system

Developing a system to transform all the Business processes

TEO extended team contributed in a research paper for the client in BPM 2015. Besides that, the team also contributed in several projects for the customer to support their solutions. We developed the DCR Design Portal along with its related services, where all the processes takes place. It is a collaboration hub for users, where they can create, share, simulate and test their processes.

Process Management System in .NET


Client solutions is revolutionizing the Business Process Management market by helping companies in heavily regulated industries digitize their processes, ensuring higher compliance and transparency while saving employees’ time and company costs. They boost the value of your existing IT system by adapting to your business needs. Their no-code business process management platform is a new approach to process digitization and process mining that enables you to create more efficient and more compliant processes.

Challenges and goals

Client was peeking to develop a design portal along with its related services, where a proper system should give to the user for managing their business in the best automation mode. It needs to be a collaboration hub for users, where they can create, share, simulate and test their processes by using a single platform to execute a smooth coordination system all over the organization.

"Our goal was to develop the web app system to place a reliable process management system in the market that meets the client needs with its compact interface."

Provided Features

  • Web Portal
  • Form Server, Highlighter
  • Convertor, OCM (Open Case Manager)
  • Public Simulator
  • External API, Admin Dashboard


  • C#, ASP.NET, MVC
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • jQuery, ReactJS
  • KendoJS, NodeJS, Raphael JS
  • SVG, Windows Services, SQL
Process Management System in .NET

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