Developing a parking system for parking areas and owners

TEO designed and developed a parking app for Plot, which aims to provide more and better parking spaces which in turn means less traffic, less pollution, and fewer frustrations. Our goal was to develop the app for both Android and iOS, and we wrote the back end in Microsoft .NET. The app makes it easier for people to park their cars, and to report cars that are parked incorrectly.


PLOT was founded to develop an architectural practice that turns intense research and analysis of practical as well as theoretical issues into the driving forces of design. A better way to explain the office’s design philosophy and process is to explain its name: a narrative is a series of events, that are tied together in a PLOT.

Each event contains insight, drama, and beauty, but without the PLOT they risk failing and becoming nothing but the sum of the parts. Individually the incidents may seem random or pointless, but joined they culminate in a transcending will.

In the same way the PLOT makes architecture more than a random accumulation of toilets and bedrooms. Beautiful details and individual moments get lost if nothing is at stake – if the PLOT is missing.

Challenges and goals

PLOT was looking forward to developing a parking system for parking areas and owners. For this, they needed a web and mobile apps system. 

Rent out personal parking area. Area owner can schedule the area availability using admin portal & app. Area owner can see the ongoing activities in own parking areas on Admin portal & app. Create Reservations in parking areas using “Plot Park” mobile app. Create advance reservation using “Plot Park” mobile app. They also needed to create reservation in public & private areas using “Plot Park” mobile app.

"Our goal was to develop the app for both Android and iOS, and wrote the back end in Microsoft .NET in a tight timeframe with an extended team of developers."

Provided Features

  • Admin portal
    Reservation system
    Public and restricted areas
    Ticket system/Booking
    Violation area
    Activities section
    Management section



  • Plot Park Area – iOS App – Swift
  • Blitz Area – iOS App – Swift
  • Plot Park Area – Android App- Kotlin
  • Blitz Area – Android App- Kotlin
  • Static, Ticket site & Admin Portal
  • .NET framework MVC
  • Backend – .NET
  • Web APIs RESTful services

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