Developing new features and enhance the existing functionality for web, android and ios

TEO provides development and maintenance support services.
A team of developers is maintaining the system and added the following features in their Web, Android, and iOS applications:
• Improved call stability
• Jitsi implementation to provide support for multiple participants call – initially it was possible for 3 participants only.
• Improved reports
• Reporting Module – Call statistics
Currently, TEO is planning the development of a completely new solution and native applications for them as well.


The Livius platform is an innovative and scalable IT solution that supports communication, planning, and knowledge sharing between employees, citizens, and relatives. With the citizen at the center, Livius involves the citizen – regardless of the target group – in his daily communication and planning with the employees and relatives as the supporting function, thereby increasing the citizen’s own coping, relatives’ involvement, and the rehabilitative approach to the citizen. Livius streamlines employees’ work processes about internal communication, as well as the daily planning and communication with citizens and relatives. A good implementation is a cornerstone for achieving full effect and enjoyment of Livius. They support the entire process, the employees, and the managers from start to finish. Digital transformation requires both mindset and competencies, which are essential elements in our analysis and implementation. That is why they create results with their partners.

Challenges and goals

To improve call stability and enable it to call multiple participants (more than three), and report improvement.

"Our goal was to develop the web, Android, and Ios application along with its related services, where everything takes place. It needs to be a collaboration hub for users, where they can create, share, simulate and test their processes."

Provided Features

  • Multiple call
  • Reporting system
  • Call statistics


  • AngularJs
  • Cordova
  • .Net Framework 4.5

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