About TEO

Who we are

TEO A/S (Talented Earth Organization) is a Danish software company, which was established in 2007 by founder and CEO Zahid Abdullah. We provide quality solutions for both private and public companies, and our core competencies lie in the development of complex systems and mobile app solutions. Since our startup, we have experienced solid growth and have developed software solutions for 50+ companies, just as we are currently co-owners of 4 companies. Our development benefits are provided by approx. 100 experienced employees, who are in our subsidiary in Islamabad, Pakistan. By having our development staff located in Pakistan, we can offer software solutions of the best Danish quality.


Social responsibility is a major part of the business culture of TEO, and we have supported and implemented a number of activities in this area.

Free software for humanity

In October 2017 TEO celebrated its 10. year celebration. In that occasion we donate 1.000 development hours to charity during 2018. If you are an established organization, private or public operating for the past 2 years, you can apply. Read more

TEO Scholarship program for students in Pakistan

TEO’s Scholarship program aims to provide equitable opportunities of education to under privileged but brightest students mainly from IT Industry and particularly from the Rawalpindi/ Islamabad region. Our objective is to bring brilliant but disadvantaged students to the best academic institutions and help them realize their potential and fulfill their dreams. A deserving student who completes his/her higher studies in IT, and joins a professional employer, is able to support more family members in their house hold compared to most other professions. Likewise he/she contributes for social and economic development of Pakistan. Read more

First LEGO League in Pakistan 2017-2018

Lego League is for children between 6-16 years old, who competes in assignments by creating their own robots out of LEGO, gets scientific challenges and learns the values of teamwork. The organization STAR is behind the arrangement , and their mission is to inspire young people in Pakistan, to be leaders in science and technology, by giving them a fun sports like platform, where they can give the children a glimpse of the technology of the future – including promoting well-rounded life capabilities, self confidence, communication and management. https://www.starfll.org/

Management Team

  • zahid

    Zahid Abdullah

    CEO Zahid is the founder and CEO of TEO A/S. He has worked with software development since 1993, and with Global Software Engineering and management since 2001.
  • mads

    Mads Transel

    Board Member Mads has several years of management experience in sales and marketing, and also in implementation of new structures and strategies, delivered to make a profitable growth.
  • nasir

    Nasir Mujtaba

    Board Member Nasir is Executive Director at TEO A/S in Pakistan. He has 18 years of experience in software development and delivery of services in the outsourcing industry.
  • Kerny Ustrup

    Kerny Ustrup

    Advisory Board Kerny has a long experience within the IT industry in Denmark, and has worked on an Executive level at several larger Danish companies. He has a particular interest in digitalization of internal and external processing.
  • Per

    Per A. Nielsen

    Advisory Board Per has worked with small and medium size companies for about 25 years. In the beginning as CFO, then later as an involved investor and boardwork.
  • ghufran

    Gufran Usman

    Advisory Board & Sales Director Gufran has worked with sales and business development since the year 2000, and took over the role as Sales Director at TEO A/S in 2012.
  • Jibran Safdar

    Jibran Safdar

    Country Manager Jibran has more than 13 years experience from the software industry, and has been an employee at TEO A/S most of his professional career.
  • Azmat Shir

    Azmat Shir

    Senior Manager Technologies Azmat has a background as a computer scientist, and has more than 15 years experience with software development. He has worked with different domains such as CRM, Auto, Retail and E-mail marketing.