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TEO developed iOS and Android apps for MOOVE, a taxi company based in Copenhagen. We developed a backend service in Microsoft .Net, and integrated third-party travel planning service from The app was built with meticulous attention to detail along with custom animations and smooth UI transitions, to deliver a sleek user experience. Technologies: Microsoft […]


TEO developed an iOS app for FOSS aimed at providing interface between FOSS hardware for analysis of dairy based products. The app features filtering the samples by their ingredients, and in-depth analysis of nutritional data displayed as tables and graphs. The app was developed for iOS platform, integrated with back-end services from FOSS. Technologies: iOS, […]


TEO designed and developed an app for Plot. Plot aims at providing more and better parking spaces which in turn means less traffic, less pollution and fewer frustrations. Our goal was to develop the app for both Android and iOS, we wrote the backend in Microsoft .Net. The app makes it easier for people to park their car and report cars that are parked incorrectly.


We at TEO developed an iOS app for EDC. The app provides real estate agents in-depth data for all properties listed with EDC, along with their history, images, tabular and graphical data. This App is not for general public; It is specifically developed to cater the needs of EDC Brokers. This is a step towards paperless environment and information automation for them. All the relevant information, images, documents, sellers info, buyers info, arranging events, followups, SalesCheck preparation, Salgsjtek Presentation, Asking Price and much more. EDC Mobil Mægler App provides ease of use to the EDC Brokers, it has rich features, which is custom designed and developed for Brokers according to their needs.

Hørkram Foodservice

TEO developed an app for Hørkram’s sellers allowing them to see customer’s status on a subject without contacting the office and get a visual total overview on the map of customers, leads and prospects in an area measures intended to visit them.