TEO International




EDC Mobile Website

TEO has developed EDC Mobile Website to further enhance EDC’s user base and accessibility by making EDC visible and reachable on all the mobile devices, such as Apple devices (iPhone/iPad), Android devices (Phones/Tablets) and Windows Phone Devices. EDC Mobile Website gives a mobile friendly view on all the mobile device ranged.

EDC Mobil Mægler (iOS) App

EDC Mobil Mægler App is a complete system for EDC brokers. We have been working on it for more than two Years. This app is not for the general public; It is specifically developed to cater the needs of EDC brokers. This is a step towards a paperless environment and an information automation for them. All the relevant information, images, documents, sellers’ info, buyers’ info, arranging events, follow-ups, SalesCheck preparation, SalesCheck Presentation, asking price and much more. EDC Mobil Mægler App provides ease of use to the EDC brokers. It has rich features which is custom designed and developed for brokers according to their needs.