TEO International

TEO is a software development company based in Denmark and Pakistan. We develop fully customised and innovative business software solutions for our customers. We celebrate our 10th anniversary by giving away 1.000 hours of free software development for humanity.

This means that you as an established organisation, private or public operating for the past 2 years, can apply for up to 1,000 hours of software development at TEO for free as per below given requirements.

software development for humanity

Before submitting application please ensure that you fulfill following 4 requirements.

  1. The purpose of the project must fall into following categories:
    • Food, health or energy improvement for deserving people
    • Poverty eradication for deserving people
    • Animal or environment preservation
  2. The application must address a software development project including e.g. project management, solution development, testing, hosting etc. The project may be a mobile application or web application. Innovative use of new technology is given preference. We appreciate if you apply for less than 1.000 hours for benefiting multiple organisations from this offer.
  3. Applicants must be residents of or have offices either in Pakistan or Denmark. Applicants must be a registered company or organisation. Individuals cannot apply. Beneficiaries of the project may reside anywhere in the world.
  4. Applications must be submitted online before November 30th, 2018 using the form mentioned below. Application shall be considered on first come first serve basis.